Big W – Dymples wipes

I purchased a box of 6 packets of wipes from Big W a month ago for $9 as it was on sale (usually it’s around $10). I went back yesterday 4th August and it’s still $9 🙂 … very pleased


Moving to Sydney with a baby

On this post (I’ll keep updating it), I’m hoping to list all the things which I wish I had summarized for me when I relocated to Sydney, just in terms of things for bub here.

– Get a Blue book, you should be able to get this by asking the nurse at the early childhood health services. Bub’s get this given if they were born here (in the UK we get given a red book). It’s a plastic folder which has lots of useful numbers on it, including the health line (1800 number) to call with any questions. I’ve had to use it one night when bub had a very high temp. They were then able to provide after hours mobile GP service to come to our place that evening. (The mobile service was bulked billed).

Early childhood service, look up the service in your local area (local councils should be able to help you find out if you can’t find it via Google). This is where you take bub for their developmental checks, and if/when you have questions.

– There is also a Children’s directory there should be one for each council area – it lists all the children services (including early childhood services, playgroups, childcare, preschools, parks) e.g. for Strathfield it’s here:

– Check out your local library for activities for bubs (such as nursery rhymes, story time). Some have a toy library for you to borrow toys for bub. Also try libraries near you but aren’t in your local council area. Some libraries accept members who are not  part of their council area. E.g. Concord library takes members from other council areas.

Playgroup NSW – they have a website, take a look to find PG’s near your area. You don’t have to join membership until you find one you want to go regularly to.

Softplay – most shopping centres have a free soft play area for little ones, school holidays are extremely busy … but if you go with a slightly younger bub during school times, it’s not too bad.

Baby Jogger City Mini Single Black/Gray

I’ve been evaluating/comparing/shopping for a light baby stroller, which hopefully will fit my bub in for another 2 years (until she’s 3 or 4ish). I’m working on uploading my comparison soon (wordpress doesn’t make putting tables in easy :P).

Anyway, finally decided on City Mini, so then obviously my task is to find the best possible price.

At time of writing, I purchased one only from Amazon US. Even including shipping back to Australia, it’s still cheaper than purchasing in Aus. They have a range of colours, but not all will ship to Australia, and the cheapest was black.

I will update this post when it arrives.

Note: it is the 2012 model, but eh, I’ve looked at the 2014 and am happy with not having the new 2014 features. My priority was the weight really, and that hasn’t changed.

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Aldis nappies

I usually by Mamia (Aldi’s own brand) of nappies for my bub … she’s on the koala size (check out Aldi’s website for details on sizing).

The pack contains 50 for $11.47 (23c per nappy).

A couple of weeks ago, Aldi had a box version of 84 for $17.99 (21.41c per nappy). FYI, I visit the Aldi at North Strathfield.

I’m not sure if it’s a special, or they plan to have it regularly, but I bought a box of Koalas and the next size up for bub, just in case.

Happy shopping mummies.



For more shopping finds, I’ll be posting under “Shopping finds” category under the “Being a mum” menu.

I’m also putting up reviews on every day things under “Reviews” > “Baby products”


“Be who you are by the will of God”

Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God.

God has called each and every one of us to different vocations. Paul was called to be an apostle by the will of God. But Steve can be called to be an architect by the will of God. Mary can be called to be a nurse by the will of God. Joan can be called to be an attorney by the will of God. Jack can be called to be a police officer by the will of God.

Each of us has a part to play. The highest calling of God is what God has called you to be. There is no higher. We need to be faithful to what the Lord has called us to.

You may think it is a higher calling to preach. Granted, it is a high calling—and a great privilege. But the highest calling is what God has called you to do. So don’t feel like a secondclass citizen if you aren’t in full-time ministry.

When certain people at church are highly visible, you think they are important. Maybe they are, and maybe they aren’t. But then there is the person you don’t know anything about who is very important to God. You might be one of those people. Be who you are by the will of God.


[excerpt from daily devotions from Greg Laurie]

“In understanding this great truth, however, you should want to do everything for His glory—not to earn His approval, but because you already have it”

He made us accepted in the Beloved.

God approves of you. You are “accepted in the Beloved” — not because you read your Bible a little bit longer, share Christ with more people, or give a little more in the offering. You are still accepted even when you don’t do all of that. You are accepted in the Beloved when you fail, when you trip up. You are accepted in the Beloved not because of what you have done, but because of what He has done.

In understanding this great truth, however, you should want to do everything for His glory—not to earn His approval, but because you already have it.

[excerpt from Greg Laurie’s daily devotions]