Basic full cream milk … does it taste milky?

Since bub needs to drink full cream milk, I have started purchasing full cream milk for the household to drink. Usually I mix it in with tea or coffee.

I do try to have a glass a day now (calcium boost).

One night I poured myself a glass from the Aldi’s full cream milk, and when drinking it, noticed it tasted like cold nothing. If I was blind folded, I don’t think I would have guessed it was milk.

I had actually (naively) assumed all “basic” full cream milk was the same. :/

The next day, I popped down to Woolies to purchase their “basic” full cream milk. It tasted like milk.

So given they all cost $1.99/$2 for a 2L bottle, I would recommend Woolies if you like to have the taste of milk in your milk.

I have yet to try the other “basic” options, but would like to hear what your thoughts. (Pop your answers onto the poll below).


Nappies comparison

Being a single mum on a budget, I am cost sensitive. So purchasing disposable nappies, I’ve been on the look out for cheap options. However, obviously it has to do the job, which means no leaks and mess … it needs to hold the dirty stuff in, and keep bub’s bottom reasonably fresh (no rashes etc).

When bub was younger, I was a little more sensitive to what materials etc, in case of rashes/allergies/chemicals … now bub is older, I’m a little less sensitive.

There is a mummies group of FB, where this question has been asked … with varying degrees of enthusiasm  and experience.

Here is my two cents worth.

I buy Aldi’s nappies, for $11.50 (approx) a bag of 50, it’s hard to compete on price.

I was recently given two bags of huggies nappies (for girls – with 24 nappies in each pack) so thus this review. Btw, I couldn’t see or tell why it was girl specific

From one pack of huggies (i.e. 24 nappies) which we had bub’s poopie seeped out at least 5 to 6 times. The elastic, although much fancier than that on the Aldi’s, just didn’t seem to work. In terms of holding in wetness, it also didn’t compare. We had at least 3 nights where bub’s clothes were damp, and one night, the bed was also wet!

My view on Huggies vs Aldis, is Aldis wins hands down.

Would love to hear other’s thoughts and experience. Or just take the poll below.

Baby Wipes – BigW vs Kmart

I’m doing a quick post comparing baby wipes between Dymples (by BigW), Baby Solutions (by Kmart). Prior to these two options, I was using wipes from Aldis at just under $2.40 a pack for 80 sheets. B and K work out to be around $1.50 a pack.

I will update post to compare whether they dry out near the end of pack. I was suggested that B’s would dry out, but I haven’t found that in the box I purchased.

Please feel free to participate in the poll, would be interested to know what other mum’s think.

Packaging: B is prettier, image of a bear and baby on apple green background. K is pretty bland.

Size: B is wider by 10mm (200×160). K is 190×160.

Wetness: The top sheet, K seems more moist. However, I started storing all the wipes upside down, and found them both fine.

Country of origin: Both made in China

“Goodness”: Both state they are alcohol and fragrance free. B is also soap free. B states Dermatologically tested. K states Hypoallergenic. (By the way, spell check doesn’t recongise dermatologically :P)

Price: Normal price for a 6 packs (each pack with 80 sheets) is $10 at B and $9 at K. B does go on sale, I purchased a box for $9 (June 2014)

Summary: As I use wipes for almost everything, cleaning restaurants baby chairs, her hands, her bottom, the floor after she eats … and by bub is now almost 17months so I’m less concerned about sensitivities … I’m happy to go with K when B isn’t on sale. If B is on sale, then I will go for B 🙂 … makes for a more interesting distraction when trying to change bub.

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