Non wired t-shirt bras for petite mummies & ladies

I was searching for non-wired basic t-shirt style bras during my pregnancy and nursing bras in the same style after bubs was born. I was looking for petite sizing and I really struggled.

The only decent ones I found were rather ugly looking stretch crop tops or similar looking ones :/.

So now I am offering an alternative to those who are also searching.

My personal opinion on these is that they are extremely comfy and simple. People always said to me that having petite breasts during pregnancy is so much easy as I can get away with not wearing a bra. I didn’t find that to be true at all. My nipples were extremely sensitive during my pregnancy (when it was cold, when loose shirts touched them).

Finding a nursing bra in my size was impossible, and I liked the convenience of having the nursing clasp. My bub and I struggled for the first few months as we tried to establish breastfeeding, so anything which made our lives easier was welcomed.

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