Rich get richer – poor get poorer

Reading the financial articles such as the one above … I stop to wonder if the powers to be … and everyone else in general are seeing it …

It’s been stated for a while that the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer … the divide of wealth is going to be even more imbalanced …

Policy maker’s current thinking … such as to raise IR’s to put downward pressure … to address rise in earnings … does it give thought to longer term trending impacts?

While historically monetary policies such as this seem to be do the job … but with trend of this divide … should the brains behind maths/economics/social benefits be looking at other ways to better manage this …

The arguments previously have been, stimulate the economy, promote growth and there is a bigger pie to be shared … but the pie is not being “shared” in many instances … so do those policies, ideas really work … additionally … the “thoughts” that tax revenue will increase as a nation/society gets wealthier … is that reality? … I get the “sense”, that if anything, those who have more find ways to keep more and pay less tax … could it be finding a better way to share that pie, will actually result in higher tax revenue (given most everyday people can’t get away not paying taxes – As in Meet Joe Black – you can be sure of death and taxes) ….


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