This Christmas

It may be opportunistic to be posting what I’m about to this time of year ….

For Christmas this year, for our family’s gift exchange, we are sponsoring a child. In Australia, it is approx $48 a month so in a year that’s $576. Divided by the three of us, that would have been roughly what we would have spent on gifts for ourselves. (I’ve specifically chosen organisations who work in DR Congo because of the war atrocities taking place there … will post more on this later).

I have seen so many posts on FB about Christmas present ideas, what to get kids, what to buy the family etc etc … and while I do appreciate and understand the “nice” feeling of opening a gift … think of how long that feeling actually lasts … what’s worse, think of all the kris kringle / secret santa $10/$20 presents bought, which are generally junk, or used only once … then put away to collect dust or given to charity shops in a few months/weeks time?

I’m all up for giving … but I guess I want to perhaps send a challenge to this generation out there, of selfies, and vanity, and “must have” looks?clothes?toys?games?cars?houses? … and ask yourself how much would you MISS one or two of those items …. and rather than receiving those (or giving those), ask for a child to be sponsored, or ask for a donation to be made to a crisis appeal … or even when giving a gift, what if you gave a receipt of a charity you gave the same amount to, as you would have spent on that novelty “item” …. I guess if I received one of those, I’d be overjoyed.

Oh, and to solve the problem of giving something they can keep, make some cookies :).

Merry Christmas.

In His name,



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